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Custom Surfboards

Just like going to a tailor for a good suit, Pete's boards are tailor made to fit the riders particular style and state of progression. Please contact us for pricing information or to discuss any of your requirements.


Pete Crab's knowledge of the longboard is second to none and he has been leeding the way in the development of the shapes of longboards that allow surfers of today to do things that were unthinkable back in the fifties and sixties when they were first ridden on our shores. Crab Island longboards are traditional in every sense bar performance; in this regard they will exceed even the wildest expectations. Longboards are tailored to your exact needs ranging from begginer mini-mals to the prestigeous, high-performance "Classic Flight" branded boards.


The evolution of the shortboard continues at a frantic pace and the diversity in shapes varies now more than ever. Crab Island shortboards range from the perfomance thruster, used by many of todays pro-surfers, through to the retro fish shapes that are becoming increasingly more common. If you know how you would like your shortboard to behave, Pete Crab has the know-how to make that vision a reality.